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Shojujitsu Karate Do Association celebrating 10 Years 2003-2013.

Our club was established at the begining of 2003 by Chief Instructor Sensei Valman 5th Dan IKA Karate.

We have classes every week for adults and children covering different disciplines; they are held at Gateway School, Capland Street, Marylebone NW8 The dojo is based in Marylebone, Central London

The goal of the SKDA is to aid adult and children reach their fullest potential, including discipline and etiquette, through Karate, Jujitsu and Self Defence study.

Adults and children, practise in structured classes under fully qualified and insured instructors with many years experience. Adults will learn both open handed Karate and traditional weapons, Bo, Jo, Shinai, Stick and Knife. Adults can and are encouraged to also attend the realistic self defence classes, covering Kapap - total street protection. (view - www.britishkapap.com)

Sensei Adrian Valman Chief Instructor SKDA
5th Dan Karate IKA

SKDA working in partnership with
Westminster 'Befriend A Family'

We believe that by improving the quality of life of individuals and families in the community we are, in fact, improving the community. Many people aren’t formerly taught how to parent, so it’s not surprising that many families have problems that they find hard to solve by themselves.

Imagine a society where fewer and fewer parenting skills are passed down to the next generation – but instead, there is more poverty, reliance on benefits and stress. We want to break the cycles of poverty, reliance on the state, depression, and exclusion, by allowing families to develop to their full potential. That way, they are in a stronger position to appreciate life, love and nurture the next generation, and give back to their communities.

"increase students knowledge and help them in reaching their fullest potential"

This is the aim of the SKDA, it includes using discipline and etiquette, through Shojujitsu Karate training.

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